FVT Santowski GmbH
Förder- und Verfahrenstechnik

We are a recent and modern enterprise of machine and equipment construction. The FVT Santowski Ltd. has about 20 years experience within the range of promotion and process engineering.

From an engineer office, the first product tests and measuring devices, conveyors, noise control caps, machine linings, disposal devices for the mass production were developed.

In addition, washing plants and tempering furnaces for the metallurgy were produced. As a product line from this, we developed washing plants for the screw industry and tempering furnaces for the spring industry.

Since the year 1999 we concerned with current technology of coating surfaces with dirt-deflecting layers (etc = easy to clean). In the year 2000, the first automatically working large-scale installation was finished. Since this time in Germany and adjacent countries different coating plants were taken for different coating means in use.  

We manufacture on customer's request, adapted to the conditions in your company, optimal solutions for your production line. Already during the planning phase we cooperate with you.